The Church Plant and Our Story

The story of who we are and how God put it on our heart to start a church in Milford, New Hampshire.

How We Met

Chris and Stephanie met while both of them were attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chris has graduated with his degree in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, Stephanie is still working on her degree in Christian Education and Counseling.

Becoming One

Chris and Stephanie got married on March 3rd, 2018. In Manchester, New Hampshire.

Finding Home

Chris and Stephanie moved home from Wake Forest, North Carolina to New Hampshire in December of 2018.

The Church Plant and Us

When we first met in Winter of 2017 we both knew that we were called to share the gospel, but we were not 100% sure where that area was. Stephanie is from Bedford, New Hampshire so we started to look at places near home. God soon opened our eyes to Milford, New Hampshire and a few months later in July of 2017 Chris proposed to Stephanie. A wedding was planned for March 3rd, 2018. During their engagement and through the wedding Chris and Stephanie knew that they were called to New Hampshire. After the wedding Chris completed his seminary and on Dec 28th we left Wake Forest, NC for New Hampshire.

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